By Steve Boone - Le 28/8/2022

  • This company has developed a new "shampoo" that has reportedly rejuvenated more than 9458 people by 2022.

  • “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it for myself, but this powerful new formula really does stop-the-clock on hair loss” says our reporter...

    When Lustic asked me to try their new hair loss products, I was completely skeptical. After all, I’m 45 years old and my hair has been getting continually thinner since my late 20s. Naturally I’ve tried a lot of solutions for hair loss with no real results – the only thing I haven’t tried is a full hair transplant.

    “Our goal,” said the Lustic representative I met “is to make hair transplants totally unnecessary. We’ve discovered a natural solution that can totally stop hair loss for the vast majority of people, and many people even report new hair growth.”

  • So how does it work?

  • “For most people,” she told me “hair loss is caused by a particular hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This is true for both men and women. It’s commonly known as the 'hair loss hormone'.

  • Our products use natural ingredients that have been proven under laboratory conditions to stop the body producing this hormone. That quickly stops hair loss, and can even 'wake up' hair follicles and get them producing new hair again.”

  • I was impressed, but I was also quite cautious. “Does it really work?” I asked.

    “Well, I use it myself” she replied. I looked at her jet black, shiny hair. It was so full and thick, even though she was around 50 years old. I couldn’t imagine someone with that hair ever suffering from hair loss.

    She handed me a bag containing the shampoo, and told me to wash my hair as normal.

  • I desperately hoped that it could do the same for me

  • When I got home, I looked in the mirror. I wanted to carefully examine my hair before I started using the products. If I am honest, I felt terrible. I’d been avoiding looking or even thinking about my receding hairline and thin, patchy hair.

    But now, as I was forced to examine it, I had to face up to exactly how I felt. I was scared. Scared of my hair disappearing completely, and worried about looking like an old man before my time.

    My wife is still a beautiful woman. And I was a handsome man when we first met. But, as I looked at my hair in the mirror, I could see that time has not been kind to my hairline, and it has affected my appearance a lot. For me, this was about more than just testing a product for an article.

  • I started to see results within just a few days

  • I used the shampoo and within a few days I already noticed some changes. I was used to seeing a few hairs in my comb after I pulled it through my hair in the morning, but now they were gone. I also noticed the lack of hair in the drain after my shower.

    After the first week, the results became more profound. My hair looked thicker, and it felt stronger in my hands. My wife said that I was looking great, and that I seemed “healthier”. It wasn’t until the second week that she specifically commented about my hair, saying how great it looked.

    After a month, the difference was impossible to ignore. After years of dealing with my hairline receding, I actually noticed it moving in the other direction. The relief was amazing. After all these years of worrying, I actually started to relax. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and laughing out loud as the tension drained out of me.

  • How much does it cost

  • You probably think that this shampoo is very expensive... Not true! £19.90 to beautify your hair, feel beautiful and confident every day.

    I had my doubts at first, but having used it I can only recommend it.

  • "I highly recommend you buy this shampoo if you have hair loss like me, it's worth every penny believe me it's a revolution." Lisa, London

  • Check out Ana's review to get an idea:

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  • Where can I buy it?

  • You can buy it directly from the company's website by clicking here.

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  • How to order ?

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